- 项目背景 Project Background


With the upgrade of Dongguan's manufacturing industry, an increasing number of talents are attracted here resulting in more construction of subways and intercity railways. Given the 8 km’s Slow-Traffic Green Axis from Regional master plan, the team proposed a master plan of Dongguan Slow-Traffic System with a total length of 3 km in the central zone of Dongguan.

- 设计愿景 Vision


With envisioning of "Social Loop & Green Necklace", the team analyzed the site surroundings’ demands in three aspects: disconnected points, urban parcels with potential to increase value, green corridors that are discontinued. It also add several vertical lift cores integrate with retails. The proposed plan invigorates the urban zone and shapes a better-serviced Dongguan.

- 中心城环 Social Loop


The 1.5-kilometer-long Social Loop connects the most popular and high density places in Dongguan City core areas, including Central Park, Civic Center Phase I and Phase III, Minying IFC, Dongguan Rural Commercial Bank, Tai-Shang Building, Jia-Hong Building, and First international block.


Considering site limitations, the Bridge no.2 cites a maximum span of 103.5 meters crossing the boulevard. The design adopted the continuous steel beam structure and a 10-meter arch with 54 cables. Additionally, there’re are flower boxes and viewing platforms for people to stay and linger at the center of the deck beam.


The Bridge No.1 (park section) integrates the elevated bridge, the park, the subway entrances and the sunken plazas to create a dynamic shared public space in central Dongguan. The Bridge No.1 (park section) will be constructed after the subway construction is completed.

- 智享绿链 Green Necklace


The 1.5-kilometer-long Green Necklace connects Central Park, Xigualing area, the Planning & Exhibition Hall, Huangqi Plaza, qifeng Park and Huangqi Mountain Hiking trails. This tree canopy bridge ties the city core and the nature


All entrances in the Xigualing area of the Green Necklace are designed to disadvantage friendly. The proposed routes avoided original trees on site, and integrated with a tree-canopy stage, several pergola trellis, platform connected with subway lifts. It aims to provide convenience and functional spaces for local citizens. The Qifeng Park section will be constructed in conjunction with the development of the Huangqi Plaza.
项目地址:中国 东莞 中心城区
Location: Dongguan, P.R.China

Research Area:2,480,000㎡

Slow-Traffic System Length: 3km

Design Period: 2019-2021

Status:Built, 2021-2023

Client of Chief Planning & Coordination: Dongguan Central Area Management Department

Client of Construction: Dongguan Guancheng Construction Company

Client of Construction Excusive: CR Land Dongguan
设计联合体:译地事务所有限公司 & 施莱希工程设计咨询(上海)有限公司 & 奥雅纳工程咨询(上海)有限公司
Design Collaboration: eLandscript Studio & Schlaich Bergermann Partner & Arup

Lead Landscape Architect: eLandscript Studio

Bridge Schematic design and Structure Design:Schlaich Bergermann Partner

Master Plan Frameworks: Arup

Construction Drawing: China Northeast Architectural Design & Research Institute

Bridge #2 Consultant: Shenzhen Hope Design

灯光顾问:深圳市大晟环境艺术有限公司 & 深圳市火石环境艺术有限公司
Lighting Consultant: Shenzhen Dasheng & Shenzhen Huoshi

Construction: China Railway no.4 Engineering Group

Supervisory: Shenzhen Chengjian

Photographs: Tianpei ZENG, Jun YUAN