Kaisa Golden Bay

The project, located on the northwestern shoreline of Dapeng peninsula in the eastern park of Shenzhen, immediately embraces fascinating coastal view. As an important part of the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao metropolitan area, the region will also build four five-star hotels and luxury residences with sea views in the future, with the international theme park as the center catalyst radiating the development throughout the region. The owner intended to make the area a destination that integrates hotel vacations, themed entertainment and high-end living, and Elandscript was honored to be invited to participate in the design of the commercial landscape of the region's most exciting international theme parks.
The international theme park includes five themed venues such as the Children's Pavilion, Aquarium, Future Pavilion, Water Park, Snow Garden, as well as waterfront commercial blocks showcasing beach views.The design utilizes flowing linearity and a multitude of paving techniques to create an ocean-themed business environment. With the IP theme story "Searching the Kun" as a clue, the entire park combines with the various venues and outdoor space to create continuous and rich scenes.
Client: Kaisa Properties
Location:Dapeng New District, Shenzhen, China
Landscape Design:eLandscript Studio
Scope:Concept Design and Detail Drawings
Planning and Architecture: FORREC
Construction Drawings: Huahuiyi Design Company, Shenzhen
Photo:Daoyuan Landscape Photography
Estimated Completion Time: 2020